- Our Story -

Itaque -contemplation After a thirty year career as a San Diego Police Officer I entered retirement with prospects of what is possible in my next stage of life. Many years earlier I was given some good advice from a friend who had himself retired after a long and stressful career in San Diego. After retirement, he established an avocado ranch and took care of everything, including harvesting, all by himself. When he gave me this advice he was harvesting his avocados at the age of eighty-five years old. He told me that retirement was an opportunity and freedom to do what you want to do with your life, but you must do something active so that you live a long life after retirement. The idea of farming was appealing to me, but growing avocados was not what I wanted to grow. After a lot of contemplation I decided to grow vitis vinifera grapes, which of course led to turning the grapes into wine. After a long search an opportunity to obtain the property I needed appeared and I obtained the land needed to start my journey into winemaking. Itaque (e Tok way) Vineyards sits on a piece of land high atop a hill overlooking Ramona Valley and surrounded by mountain tops in all directions. It is a place that insisted on contemplating all that is possible here. Contemplation (Itaque') was followed by establishing vineyards then soon after a winery to use the grapes and produce wine. After hard work and time, we provide the wine to drink and contemplate the myriad of joys we celebrate while consuming this ancient beverage.